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Tools API - Geocoding provider gmaps

'doris' has long been our exclusive and highly accurate geospatial data provider for the Tools API endpoint "Geocode Address". Now, we are thrilled to announce that we have integrated additional options!

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Joining doris are two new providers: 'gmaps' and 'adressregister'

  • gmaps: google maps
  • adressregister: the official Austrian address database issued by the Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen

What should you keep in mind?

  1. One-Time Google API Key Submission Required
    If you choose Google Maps (gmaps) as the provider, a Google API key will be required.
    In order to gain access to Google's data, please ensure you securely share your Google API key with us (using Infomaniak's kPaste). Once we've stored your API key within your customer account, you'll be all set to access Google's data.

    Don't have a Google API key yet? Check out this link to get started.

  2. Review Provider Policies
    As a friendly reminder, it's important to understand and adhere to the guidelines set by the providers. For instance, Google doesn't permit their coordinates to be displayed on third party maps (see here).

Image Source: ideogram.ai